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Training and Advice from Chris Hoy


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Training and preparation is very important when riding over a distance of 47 miles. Here we offer some training and riding advice to help you take on the challenge. 


Get out on your bike at least 5 times prior to the event. The first couple of times will possibly feel a bit uncomfortable if you're not in the habit of riding, but persevere as things will improve quickly. Even short journeys make a big difference. Choose quiet routes that will let you ride for a few miles without stopping. Practice using your gears before you need to change under pressure. Reading the road makes cycling far more effortless. Try to practice pedalling in a lower gear than usual to preserve energy. Build up your endurance by having incremental increases to the distances of your training rides. Try adding 20% to the distance of your ride every time you go on a preparation ride.



Recovery is crucial so ensure you get plenty of rest in between training rides. If you have a hard ride make sure you do a couple of easy rides to allow your muscles to recover.







Diet and Nutrition

Fuelling your body is very important to maximise energy levels. Eat high carbohydrate foods a couple of hours before riding. Sustain your energy levels whilst riding by eating and drinking often as you ride. Energy drinks are a good way to keep your body fuelled.







Make sure your bike is in good condition and has been recently serviced. Properly inflated tyres make pedalling easier and setting the right saddle height adds to comfort. It's also worth investing in some cycling gear for maximum comfort - particularly cycling shorts! These can be bought in a baggy, cargo style, or cheaper Lycra shorts can be worn under regular clothes. Make sure your clothing won't catch in the chain, and it's worth having a compact windproof or waterproof with you for long rides. 


More information on equipment and bike set-up is available free from

Advice for riding the event


Some do the journey in under 3 hours, some take all day. It's not a race! Go at a speed that suits you. Go with friends who will ride at your pace and the journey will be much easier. Don't fight to make your bike go faster. If you're struggling, change down a gear or two, relax and breathe deeply. Remember that there may be a headwind so you may be cycling for longer than usual. If so, make sure that you pace yourself accordingly.


Take nourishing snacks and liquids (water or energy drinks), and stop to eat and drink before you actually feel hungry or thirsty. Information on rest stops is available from theabout the ride page.

Your bike: Don't be let down by the bike itself. Make sure you bike is serviced before riding the event and carry a puncture repair kit. Back up mechanical services are available throughout the route.

First aid

There will be people to help at most of the points - see the about the ride page.







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