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2014 T-Shirts (£4.50 each)

Final T -shirt

If you would like to purchase at t-shirt from this year's event you can do so by selecting your size at the time of registration. This is #HOWIROLL

2013 T-Shirts (£3 each)

T 2013

If you would like to purchase at t-shirt from this year's event you can do so by visiting the Cycling Scotland office or sending a Postal Order/Cheque to:

Cycling Scotland
24 Blythswood Square
G2 4BG

Please include your Size, Address and the amount of t-shirts you required if applying by post.

*T-shirt cost £5 each


The 2013 Sportive Times can be viewed here


View your times through our supplier CHIP TIMING here.


Here are some simple things which can be done to optimise your bike performance on the day:

• Degrease and oil the chain - Your chain should ideally be degreased after every ride, however before a long ride it is particularly important. Spray degreaser along the chain whilst wiping with a dry cloth, don't forget the cassette and crank too. Apply some oil to the chain before beginning the ride to facilitate smooth changing.

• Check your tyres - Due to the length of the ride, it is important to have the right bike and correct set up. The easiest bike is going to be a road bike, mainly due to the thin tyres creating less drag. Ensure tyres are pumped up to a high pressure, around 100psi. Mountain bikes are still fine, but the tyre pressure will vary between 30-40psi - just check the side of the tyre for the correct pressure, and ensure you have spare inner tubes.

• Setting up your bike - Whether road or mountain bike, another essential is getting the correct riding position, as this will be the most energy efficient for the ride.. A good way to measure this is having your knee with a slight bend(almost straight), when on the most downward part of the pedal, and to make sure your knees are not coming too high when in the uppermost part of the pedal. A more simple method is being on your tip toes (but still in control) when sitting on the seat.

• If possible check that your gears are cycling properly and changing smoothly (this is easier if you have a build stand), and that the chain is not rubbing on the derailleur.

• Tighten all bolts around handlebars, frame and wheels. Use a 15ml spanner to check the pedals are tight. A set of Allan keys is required for this.

• Check that brakes are tight enough to provide stopping power - but not so tight that the shoes rub on the tyre (which will be fully inflated). Be sure to check your break shoes for signs of wear and tear if your bike is not new.

Below is our rider information brochure from 2013. The brochure is a reference guide for the 2014 event. The 2014 event brochure will be made available online here next summer.

Riders Info Pack 

News from Cycling Scotland

Bike Events Scotland 


Find every kind of event on Bike Events Scotland - Scotland's best cycling events website. From sportives, mountain biking events, family rides, through to training events and exhibitions, this site has everything. Why not find some training rides for freshnlo Pedal for Scotland?

Cycle Friendly Employer

Cycle To Work

Cycling to work is a brilliant way to prepare for freshnlo Pedal for Scotland, but if your workplace facilities aren't up to scratch, why not point your boss in the direction of the Cycle Friendly Employer Award? The award is given to workplaces that provide the right facilities, incentives and promotion to encourage cycling to work. Find out more here.

Bikeability Scotland


If you're bringing the kids along to freshnlo Pedal for Scotland, their cycling skills and confidence will be greatly improved if they've done their Bikeability Scotland training. Find out more here.

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